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Having a fence around your pool can give you peace of mind

Updated: May 23, 2023

Having a fence around your pool is an important safety measure that can provide peace of mind for several reasons. Pools can be extremely hazardous, and accidental drownings or near-drownings are a significant concern.

  1. Preventing Unauthorized Access: A pool fence creates a physical barrier that helps prevent unauthorized access to the pool area. This is particularly crucial for households with young children or pets who may accidentally wander into the pool area without supervision. By installing a fence, you can control access to the pool and reduce the risk of accidents or drownings.

  2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that there is a fence in place around the pool can offer peace of mind, especially for parents or pool owners. It adds an extra layer of protection and minimizes the chances of accidents or unauthorized use of the pool. This peace of mind allows you to enjoy your pool area without constantly worrying about potential safety hazards.

  3. Legal Requirements: In many jurisdictions, installing a fence around a pool is a legal requirement to ensure the safety of residents and visitors. By adhering to these regulations and having a pool fence in place, you not only enhance safety but also avoid potential legal issues or liabilities.

Luckily, Midtown has plenty of fence options to choose so you don't have to choose between safety and style. Our fences also carry a lifetime transferable manufacturers warranty to give you even more peace of mind!

Midtown Fences
Midtown Fences

About Midtown's fences

PlyGem: As a leader in the industry, PlyGem is one of the most-respected manufacturers of vinyl fencing and railings. Midtown Home Improvements Inc. proudly offers this product line to our residential customers. Plus, we take this a step further to make your deck the best by custom fabricating all fences and rails. Featuring gorgeous designs and a number of color schemes, PlyGem products also come with a limited lifetime warranty, providing support for years after the initial purchase.

PlyGem vinyl fencing and railings feature:

  • A crisp, clean look that lasts for years.

  • Low-maintenance, minimal work with maximum beauty.

  • No warping, splintering, cracking or peeling.

  • A long lifespan, which means you save money by not having to deal with repairs and replacements.

**Your family's safety is always a priority and knowing which color swimsuit to dress your child in can come in handy in a tragic situation.

You will want to choose bright and contrasting colors. This chart shows how different color swimsuits show up with a light-colored pool bottom.

swim suit color test
swim suit color test

Disclosure- While pool fences are an effective safety measure, they should not be relied upon as the sole means of pool safety. Other precautions, such as constant adult supervision, pool covers, alarms, and teaching children how to swim, should also be considered for a comprehensive approach to pool safety.

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