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May is building safety month

Updated: May 23, 2023

May is building safety month
May is building safety month

Building Safety Month is an annual event held in May to raise awareness about the importance of safe and resilient buildings. Organized by the International Code Council (ICC) and supported by various professional organizations, this month-long campaign highlights the role of building codes, standards, and professionals in ensuring the safety, sustainability, and resilience of our built environment. Building Safety Month serves as a reminder to homeowners, builders, and communities to prioritize safety and take necessary steps to protect lives and property.

Strong building codes and effective enforcement ensure that structures are designed, constructed, and maintained to withstand natural disasters, fire hazards, and other threats. By adhering to building safety regulations, we can mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and create safer living and working environments. Building codes provide a set of minimum requirements for construction, electrical systems, plumbing, and more. These codes are developed through a collaborative process involving experts, engineers, architects, and other professionals. They serve as a crucial tool to ensure uniformity, safety, and quality across the construction industry

Educating the public about building safety practices is one of the main objectives of Building Safety Month. This includes raising awareness about the significance of hiring licensed professionals, conducting regular inspections, and understanding the importance of permits and certifications. By educating homeowners and businesses, Building Safety Month empowers individuals to make informed decisions that prioritize safety and compliance with building codes.

Midtown will pull any and all permits associated with the home improvement project being completed. We will also make sure that remodels are

By adhering to these standards, investing in quality construction, and promoting ongoing education, we can safeguard lives, protect property, and build communities that are resilient in the face of challenges. Let us use this month as an opportunity to reflect on the importance of building safety and take proactive steps to create a secure future for all.

Remember, building safety starts with each one of us!

It Starts With You!

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