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Don't make these mistakes when remodeling!

When it comes to exterior remodeling, it's essential to make choices that will enhance your home's curb appeal and withstand the test of time. Here are some exterior remodeling trends to consider staying away from

Monotone exteriors

Avoid choosing a single color for the entire exterior, as it can make your home appear flat and uninteresting. Instead, use complementary colors to add depth and dimension to the façade.

Unconventional roofing materials:

While unique roofing materials might seem interesting, they may not be as durable or long-lasting as traditional roofing options. Stick to reliable and weather-resistant roofing materials.

Overemphasis on trends

Trends come and go, and following them too closely for your exterior remodeling can lead to a home that quickly feels outdated. Opt for classic designs with subtle nods to trends, so your home remains stylish for years to come.

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